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For these dates there are "Marc-Uwe for everybody" tickets. That means the following:

The kangaroo convinced me with striking arguments to offer free tickets to my readings for people with little money. This works as follows: If you are a mini jobber, a single parent, a low income earner or a Hartz IV recipient or on welfare, or if attending my reading would cause your bank balance to go into minus for other reasons, write to us at MarcUweFuerAlle (at) We will try to reserve a place on the guest list for you. (Because there were inquiries: Of course this offer is also valid for severely handicapped persons plus their accompanist).

Please tell us:

  1. Your name (for the guest list! We do not save anything!)
  2. Date and location of the desired reading

The contingent per reading is limited and depends on the local presenter. Please take advantage of this offer only if you really need it, otherwise you will take the places away from others. (There are often discounted tickets for students and pupils). Please do not ask for seats for events that are already sold out. Full is full.

Please use this e-mail address only to ask for tickets. All other requests to this address will not be forwarded and will not be answered!

No shows scheduled

  • Die Känguru-Chroniken2020

  • Das Känguru Sammelsurium2020

  • QualityLand 22020

  • Razupaltuff! Marc-Uwe Kling mit Julius Fischer und André Herrmann2019

  • Die Känguru-Apokryphen

  • Die Arbeitsgruppe Zukunftseit 2015

  • Die LesedüneJeden 2. und 4. Montag